Designing Green without Costing You Green…

As our government pushes forward with new green initiatives, the cost's still don't outweigh the benefits. Our clients would love to utilize more green aspects in their design, but too many times the bill becomes "sticker shock" and green technologies are pushed to the way side in lieu of more cost effective construction.
Both state and federal funds are sometimes available for these technologies. The problem is, they come and go with the wind. You have to catch them just right when the funds are available. If Murphy?s Law has anything to say about it, timing is everything. In most cases, you can never time it just right. There are other ideas that you can incorporate into your design that don?t necessarily affect the bottom line. Things like:19725816-sketching-of-modern-building-construction-and-plan-document-use-for-construction-theme-Stock-Photo

  1. Designing your home to best utilize the sun. Position the house on your property so that the sun produces natural light without heating the interior causing your HVAC system to over work to compensate.
  2. Window placement. Strategically locate windows to use natural light to your advantage. Most homes are doing the exact opposite causing the home to work harder, not smarter.
  3. Use double pane, Low-e windows to block out harmful UV rays and heat penetration. If you can't afford Low-e windows at construction, there are aftermarket alternatives that are cost effective to apply.
  4. During construction, make sure you walk the house to inspect your window bucks and door openings to make sure you or your contractor properly foam seal these perimeters.
  5. If you?re going to put a fireplace in your home, spend a little extra for a combination gas/wood burning fireplace so that in the winter months you can burn wood to offset the cost of heating your home with electric or gas. Plus it adds a little character to your home.

These are just a few things you can do that will benefit you down the road and won't cost you an arm and a leg in the process. For more information on designing a new green home or renovation without taking the green out of your pocket, call us for a free consultation.


Christopher Weldon

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